Principal Investigator

Dr. Daniela Radu
Group Principal Investigator, Associate Professor
NASA CRE2DO Center Director

Research Interests:

  • Nanostructured materials for solution-processed solar photovoltaics: Gen 2 PV (thin film crystalline absorbers)
  • Advanced functional materials for optoelectronic applications 2D nanostructures and lasing materials
  • Chalcogenide nanoparticles for photothermal cancer therapy: CuxS
  • Sensor design: detecting heavy metals, nitrates and phosphates in water
  • Engineered nanoparticles: toxicity evaluation.
  • Materials for quantum science and AI

Contact Info:
(305) 348-4506

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Cheng-Yu Lai
Group Co-Principal Investigator, Visiting Professor

Research Interests:
2D nanomaterials, group IV optoelectronics, biological applications of nanomaterials.
Contact Info:

NSF Award – Biomolecular Mechanisms of Interaction between 2D Chalcogenide Materials and Environmentally-Relevant Biosystems

Courses Taught:
Fall 2019 – CHM 4611 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, CHM 5620 Graduate Inorganic Chemistry, EGN 3365 Materials Engineering

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Mimi Liu
Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests:
Inorganic synthesis, solution-processed thin-films, chalcogenides, photovoltaic devices. 
Contact Info:

Graduate Students

Roberto Prado-Rivera
Masters Student in Mechanical Engineering – LSAMP Bridge to Doctorate Fellow

Research Interests:
First-principle calculations of materials properties, density functional theory, computational methods of solid-state physics, 2D nanomaterials, nanostructured semiconductors.

Tim Chen-Yu Chang
Ph.D. student in Materials Engineering

Research Interests:
Solar cells, batteries, inorganic synthesis of semiconducting chalcogenide materials.

Mohammed Inzamam Ali Haqqani
Master’s student in Engineering Management

Research Interests:
2D Nano Materials, Nano Printing Technology and Inkjet Printing Using 2D Nano Materials.

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